Notice from Society of Notaries Public of BC

Please be aware . . .

August 2013 – The Society of Notaries Public of BC has identified a person who has been holding himself out as a Notary, and is taking steps through the courts to stop his activity.

Please be aware of this person’s name in case you receive any solicitations from him to provide Notarial services.  It is most likely that your documents will not be useable when signed and sealed by this man.

If you have already had documents notarized by this person please contact me, and I will discuss your situation with the Society.

This person presents himself as:

  • Sino General, also known as
  • Sino Cameron General
  • AKA Chief Rock
  • AKA Hajistahenthway, Notary Public

This person has never been appointed by the Ministry of Justice as a Commissioner for Taking Affidavits under the Evidence Act.

He is not a member of the Law Society of British Columbia, or of the Society of Notaries Public of British Columbia.