Notary Public Services

If you are planning for your estate or future health and representation requirements, you can get the help you need from Lake Country Notary. Buying, selling, mortgaging or refinancing a home? Kathryn offers a mobile service to those with mobility issues.

  • Affidavits for all documents required at a Public Registry within BC contain facts that you swear under oath or affirm in front of a Notary or commissioner of oaths
  • Authorization of Minor Child Travel has become more important as Family Laws evolve; make sure you have notarized documents stating that you have the permission of the other parent to take the child out of the country and the appropriate documentation to return to Canada
  • Certified True Copies of Documents are endorsed by a Notary as true copies of a primary document
  • Execution/Authentications of International Documents: some international documents may have complex requirements regarding translation and authentication; check with your Notary about this possibility
  • Contracts and Agreements: Notaries offer services for contracts and agreements regarding the purchase, sale, mortgage or refinance of a home, manufactured home, or the purchaser’s side of a foreclosure
  • Notaries can also help you prepare a Real Estate Disclosure Statement and required Strata forms and documentation in the event that you decide to list yours without an agent
  • Property Transfers: Notaries can set up and complete both Residential and Commercial Real Estate Transfers
  • Restrictive covenants, easements, and builder’s liens can be registered on or removed from title by a Notary
  • Notaries can also support your work with Subdivision and Statutory Building Schemes as well as Zoning Applications
  • Notaries can draw and execute commercial leases, lease assignments, and agreements for Purchase and Sale
  • Personal Property Security Agreements, where justified, can be crafted by a Notary, and can provide a 3rd party with a security interest in someone else’s personal property.
  • Power of Attorney allows a capable adult to appoint someone to handle financial and legal matters on their behalf; there are various types of Powers of Attorney, and you can govern when they come into effect, and when they expire.
  • Wills allow a capable adult to ensure their estate is transferred to the individuals that they choose.
  • Execution, Authentication and Notarization of Documents and Statutory Declarations – Many types of documents such as those for international travel or international property transfers need to be executed, authenticated, notarized or Attested (declared) by a Notary.
  • Insurance Loss Declarations which require Notarization can be prepared.
  • Marine Bills of Sale and Mortgages and Protestations: these services usually apply to the purchase and mortgage of ‘float homes’.

For more information on specific services offered by Lake Country Notary, please call with your questions or to book an appointment. Mobile services are offered if you are unable to come into the office for your appointment.